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About This Site

Welcome to my site and Thank You Very Much for choosing to visit. I hope you enjoy the images and the style of photography I have presented here.

I will be adding shots to the different galleries on a fairly regular basis so please do call back from time to time.

There will be travel and people galleries added very soon, although I am liverpool / wirral based i do get around quite a bit and nearly always I have a camera with me.

This is around the fourth incarnation of this website up until now and I really have enjoyed the journey of learning, not just about photgraphy but about various software programs which give the creative side of me the ability to express itself.

I have kept the site simple for two reasons, firstly it is easier for me to maintain and alter and secondly I wanted to make it very easy and straighforward to navigate. If you find it is not or a link does'nt work properly please let me know.

I am available for commissions but I am not cheap, details of how to get in touch are on the contact page.

I would like to express my thanks to many photographers for their inspiration, some of who's works are viewable via the links page some are not. Above all I would like to express my thanks for the life I have been fortunate enough to enjoy and continue to enjoy and to the wonderful people I have had the pleasure and honour to have met along the way


2008-2011 John Harrison